We are very pleased with the experience we had with Legacy Builders from the initial design work, through the actual building and now 9 months after we moved into our new home. Here are a few of the details:

  1. Nearly all of our design work, selection of materials and initial building were completed while we lived in Minneapolis.
  2. The team at Legacy Builders went out of their way to be available when we were in town, listened and answered all of our questions, followed up with vendors when we had concerns and addressed any and all issues.
  3. We had several "different" ideas about what we wanted to include in our design - beams in the living room ceiling, a berm in the front yard, extra cabinetry in the kitchen (modified several times) plus myriad other smaller changes to meet our ideas about what the final home should look like. In every case, those ideas were discussed, reviewed then included.
  4. The team beat our expectations on completion date enabling us to move in a bit earlier than we planned - a real boon given the hot weather we experienced in 2011. We were able to establish our lawn before the worst of the heat and expect to have a great lawn this summer.
  5. As for follow-up problems; the team has promptly responded to our concerns, made a few post-construction changes and had their building partners update a few items. Everything you'd expect from a first-class builder!

All in all, we are very happy with our experiences and would heartily recommend Legacy Builders to anyone looking for a "great" building experience.

- John & Angela V