When we asked Legacy Builders to come into our home, it was one of the best decisions we ever made. We had a partially finished basement that was mainly the children's playroom, but was mostly used for storage. Our main concern was the fact that the basement is underground with few windows and offered little natural light. Working with Legacy allowed us to maximize the layout and the lighting with an innovative design and material choices. Now, our basement is an incredibly warm and inviting place to relax.

Although many things about Legacy Builders impressed us, what absolutely puts Legacy above any other builder with whom we have dealt, is the unfailing attention to detail. Nancy was here daily to ensure that the job progressed smoothly and was complete on time. The dry-walling is impeccable; every light fixture and outlet cover is straight, and the quality of materials and craftmanship is top notch. The type of attention and care our basement remodel received from Legacy Builders was a very wise investment, and in a volatile market substantially increased the value of our home. Thank you Nancy!

- Anonymous